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Game of Thrones Already Told Us How the White Walkers Invade Westeros

Fans of Game of Thrones have known for some time that the battle between the humans and the White Walkers has been looming for some time now; in fact, we expect it will happen in Season 7 or Season 8. That’s how imminent it is right now. While the Season 7 premiere featured one scene where The Hound actually saw the White Walkers enter Westeros, we’ve been stumped about how exactly the Walkers enter Westeros… until now.

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Let’s do a quick recap. In Season 7, Episode 1, The Hound is invited to look into the fire by one of the Brothers Without Banners, Thoros of Myr. Thoros is a pretty far-out dude who loves to stare into fires and divine meaning from the flames, so he encourages The Hound — who has a super-shitty relationship with fire — to the same. The Hound eventually acquiesces and he actually begins to see the White Walkers in the flames as they march southward.

Skip to the last few minutes of this clip (which cuts together just The Hound’s Season 7, Episode 1 scenes) to see what he says.
The Hound says to Thoros that he sees “[i]ce. A wall of ice. The Wall,” before pausing, then continuing: “It’s where the Wall meets the sea. There’s a castle there. There’s a mountain, looks like an arrowhead. The dead are marching past. Thousands of them.” The Hound is basically telling Thoros about something that’s impossible because the Wall stretches from coast to coast; how could the White Walkers march past when the only option is to go into the sea?

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That’s where the Season 7 opening credits come in. One Reddit user, RohitMSasi, noticed the GoT Season 7 opening credits now show that (thanks to Winter finally arriving) the sea is actually freezing over. Take a look at the screen-cap comparing Season 6’s opening credits with Season 7’s.

GoT Opening Credits Comparison
Image: RohitMSasi/Reddit

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Oh, snap! The sea looks like it’s already freezing over and it’s happening very quickly. This is definitely going to mean nothing but trouble for literally all humans in Westeros right now. Hopefully, someone in this gosh darn show realizes this before it’s too late and they alert others in time. They need to start fortifying and protecting those coastlines ASAP.

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