The Most Exciting Things We Saw in the New Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

The newest and fullest trailer was just released for Stranger Things’ second season, and honestly? It looks so spooky and revealing and incredible that I don’t even know where to start. Let’s try though.

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Coming out of Saturday’s Stranger Things panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, people have since been bugging about the exciting new storyline, characters, monsters and music that the three-minute preview reveals. Almost the entire video is set to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” specifically the creepy speech that Vincent Price famously voiced over the track. There are definitely more questions than answers too, all of which are important, so I’ll just mention the three most exciting.

First, Will’s connection to the Upside Down. The last we saw from Will, he was puking up slug-like Upside Down gunk in his bathroom sink and then it flashed back to the alternate dimension (if that’s what it really is…). So when the new trailer opens on the boys — Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas — playing games at an arcade and the world around Will shifts to the Upside Down and back again, we’re only left thinking one thing. What the hell is going on with Will?! Why can he see the terrifying new monster in the sky and no one else around him can? And if the Upside Down can call Will back, can Will call the Upside Down back? So many questions.

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Second, Eleven’s return! You heard right. She’s back. But how? She killed the monster, and some theories have said that when the monster died, she died. But even when El said, “I’m the monster,” I’m not so sure she meant literally, especially now. In the preview, Eleven is definitely trapped in the Upside Down, but she finds the opening from when the portal opened at the school. She sticks her hand through that gooey, pulsing matter, and presumably escapes. But why is she coming back? What does she have left to do? Even more questions!

And finally, the love triangle that is Nancy, Steve and Jonathan. The trailer shows what looks like a breakup scene between Steve and Nancy, who ended last season a happy couple sitting around the Christmas tree. But with Jonathan’s new camera, is he still taking pictures of Nancy? Or is Nancy wishing she were fighting monsters with Jonathan again? And will Steve get involved again?

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So here we are, asking so many questions and not being able to get answers until Oct. 27 when this insane show returns. In the meantime, we can just watch the Stranger Things trailer over and over again until our brains explode!