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The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer Is Here & Holy Shit, Questions!

For those of us who’ve been fiending for the return of The Walking Dead since Season 7 ended, summer can seem like a barren wasteland of entertainment. But, hey-oh, AMC just delivered something to help sustain us until our favorite zombpocalyptic drama picks back up in the fall.

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It’s a new, five-minute trailer for Season 8 — revealed during San Diego Comic-Con — and gosh damn, it’s good.

It kind of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, the way you did the first time Daryl fired an arrow through an unsuspecting walker or when Michonne and Rick met. You just get the sense that you’re on the precipice of something great.

But first, questions. Because AMC has mastered the art of splicing footage together in a way that leaves us wanting so much more, we need answers. Watch the vid, then join us below to discuss.
Here’s what we’re dying to know following the five-minute glimpse into TWD‘s future.

1. Is Father Gabriel about to get Lucilled?

The trailer starts with Negan and Father Gabriel trapped somewhere together. In the most Negan-y way possible, the villain says, “I hope you’ve got your shittin’ pants on… ’cause you are about to shit yer pants.” Is Gabriel about to become Lucille’s latest victim? After all, there’s a puzzling scene later of a walker in the woods trying to reach a plastic bag. If you squint, that walker kinda looks like ol’ Gabriel.

2. What does Michonne look so pissed about?

Aside from the obvious dystopian times she’s living in, Michonne looks particularly rattled about something as she and Rosita head somewhere in a car. Later, she appears to be fighting with a fellow sword-wielder. What are these two badass ladies doing on the road together?

3. What’s the deal with the note Dwight reads?

At one point, Dwight opens a handwritten note reading “Tomorrow.” Could this be from his estranged/long-lost wife? (She could still be alive, right?) Or is he officially working with the good guys now, and this is a message from Rick’s crew that shit is about to go down?

4. Who is that peeping out from that doorway in the hospital?

Or lab, or whatever that very sterile-looking building was. Someone who seems to still have a legit pulse peers out into the hallway from the relative security of a doorway. Is this someone we know? Hospitals are harbingers of doom in the TWD world — that scene alone is giving us major Beth flashbacks.

5. What is Daryl keeping count of?

The top of Daryl’s gun seems to show tick marks keeping track of… what? Maybe he’s marking how many Saviors he kills. Maybe he’s marking how many walkers. In the early seasons of the series, the big question asked of people was how many people they’d killed vs. how many walkers. It was a measure of their humanity. Perhaps Daryl is trying to get back to that?

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6. Do the arm bands signify different colonies?

If you look closely, you can see colored armbands being worn by the survivors in various scenes. Could these indicate what colony the people claim? If so, it would seem that white signifies Alexandria, green signifies Hilltop and red signifies the Kingdom — which is interesting, since both Morgan and Carol appear to be sporting red.

7. Why is Aaron so distraught?

Again, outside of their generally shitty circumstances, did something tragic happen in Aaron’s life? He seems sullen, his knuckles are bloody and Eric is nowhere to be seen. Is this the season Aaron loses his great love?

8. Who’s tied up?

Based on the tattered flannel shirt, we’re thinking the person with their hands bound could either be Carl or that random long-haired Savior shown in the trailer. In fact, the shirt seems to match the latter most, and he is later seen rubbing his wrists. So why are they showing us this? Why should we care about him?

9. Does Rick get captured?

It sure looks like Rick is trapped in what appears to be a shipping container. And that shipping container looks like it is being guarded by the Scavengers. Ugh, can we be done with them already?

10. Why is Morgan trying to beat Jesus to death with his bo?

I suppose they could be training, but Morgan looks like he wants to split some skull and Jesus looks to be genuinely defending himself. Is Morgan losing his mind a little again? Or did Jesus do something Morgan interpreted as traitorous?

11. Is Shiva in danger?

It’s clear in at least one scene that King Ezekiel and Jerry are in imminent danger. Close to that sequence, we see Shiva in what looks like a pit of walkers. We hate to even utter the words, but… does Shiva sacrifice herself to save her King?

12. Where the hell is Eugene?

Like, seriously, where the hell is he? We’re currently pissed at him, but we also admittedly miss the mullet-haired fool — and he is nowhere to be seen in the trailer.

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13. WTF is up with old man Rick?

This probably wins as the biggest head-scratcher of ’em all. Since the showrunners have assured fans in the past that the entire show wasn’t just a coma dream, we can rule out Rick just waking up. In the comics, there is a time jump that shows Rick visibly aged. We’re hoping for that alternative. Either way, the entire glowing scene is chock full of imagery symbolic of first-episode Rick.

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Sunday, Oct. 22, at 9 p.m. ET.

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