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Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Song Makes Her a Disco Queen

There are so many delightful things about Queen Elizabeth II, it’s hard to pick what our favorite thing about her might be. But that may have changed today, when the internet learned what her favorite song actually is — prepare yourselves, because it’s amazing and, luckily, it’s not “Despacito.”

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No, someone as dignified as the queen has impeccable taste, obviously. And that’s why she has a favorite song from the true golden era of music, the ’70s. The song, it turns out, is “Dancing Queen” by Swedish superstar disco group ABBA.

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BBC DJ Chris Evans was the one who spilled the beans. He was at a private banquet at Windsor Castle at the same time as the queen, and he got to actually witness her busting a move to her favorite jam, “Dancing Queen.” Just imagine that. Has the cuteness destroyed you yet? Because we’ve all been destroyed by the mental image of the queen getting down on the dance floor to some cheesy disco. It’s too good.

Also, she is not apologizing for loving that song. Allegedly, when the DJ put it on, witnesses say she smiled and then told her guests at the banquet, “I always try to dance when this song comes on, because I am the queen, and I like to dance.” Then she proceeded to dance because she is the queen and she’ll do what she likes, people.

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For those of us who can only dream of witnessing something like the queen busting a disco move at a formal banquet, her 91-year-old cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson, has claimed that the queen is a “fantastic dancer.” If someone could please try to record a video of the queen dancing, that’d be just perfect.

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