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Property Brothers’ Drew Scott May Be Engaged, but He’s Not Getting Married Soon

Save the date! Well, save the season. Drew Scott of Property Brothers shared details about his upcoming wedding and the future with fiancée Linda Phan.

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“We are looking in the spring, but we’ve not set a date,” Drew told Us Weekly about his nuptials. His brother, Jonathan, joked, “It took him seven years to propose, so give him a little time.” The interview with the bros came after the Chase Home Lending and Google “Search for Home” panel discussion on July 14.

The brothers’ latest HGTV project, Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House, comes out in November and will feature some of the exciting things coming up for the couple. After all, any engagement that comes with a show and a honeymoon house sounds like a good deal. The twins will be completely renovating Drew and Linda’s new home in Los Angeles.

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“The renovation is going well,” Drew said. “It’s a huge project; this house is going to be beautiful. We’re keeping the original English-inspired architecture. We’re trying to infuse a bit of that Art Deco, old Hollywood glam feel to it.” Sounds very chic, and expensive! But I guess when you’re a Property Brother, home renovation can be affordable and a labor of love, especially when it’s for a Property Fiancée.

Jonathan had some quick complaints about the project, though: “Drew has asked us to dig out and put a 9-foot ceiling in the basement. They don’t [do a lot of basements in L.A.]. So, the process to get this basement approved has been painstaking. The hoops we’ve had to go through. If it gets pulled off, it’ll be a bigger feat than the water slide we put in the house in Vegas!”

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So, while the project sounds like a dream, the process sounds like a nightmare. But haven’t people said that about marriage before? It all seems pretty fitting, and I’m sure the house will end up being gorgeous, just like the spring wedding that the cute couple has started planning. Look for more info about it in the fall with the new show on HGTV.

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