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Jensen Ackles Gave Jared Padalecki a Pretty Bro-tastic Birthday Gift

Supernatural fans will be happy to know that their demon-hunting bros are still bros deep down and that they still do keg stands.

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During a recent chat on Conan, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles talked about growing up together on and off the set of Supernatural, the long-standing sci-fi show that follows two brothers through the (duh) supernatural world of demons and monsters and all things creepy. The show is set to release a 13th season this fall.

With the new season on the way, the actors reminisced about working on the first season of Supernatural, way back in 2005. Padalecki was 23 years old and Ackles was 27 years old, so they were basically just kids living an actor’s dream — so much so that they would keep stocked kegs in their trailers during shooting. The two definitely have traits that mirror their characters, Dean and Sam Winchester: wild children with no supervision who run around drunk sometimes.

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But both of them explained that as the show got older, so did they, and a little wiser, too. The full keg dwindled to half a keg, then pints, then ultimately no kegs at all. It seems like the two grew with every season, just like their characters. But what does that mean for the actors now with a teenaged show?

It means surprise kegs, of course! As Padalecki was getting nostalgic on Conan, Ackles joined in with the perfect blast from the past: a full keg from Ackles’ own brewing company, Family Business Beer Co. The two revisited their on-set trailer pastime on what also happened to be Padalecki’s birthday, and they even participated in the ever-important keg stand. Audience members sitting in on the Conan taping posted behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and we are truly thankful they did.

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So, while Dean and Sam most likely won’t be doing keg stands in the new season — though you never really know — the two actors are definitely still growing up together and living their best lives.

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