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The American Horror Story Season 7 Title Has Finally Been Revealed

Updated July 21, 8:50 a.m. PT: We finally know the title of the upcoming season of American Horror Story, and we have to say, it’s not what we expected.

At a packed event at San Diego Comic-Con, showrunner Ryan Murphy announced that Season 7 will be called American Horror Story: Cult, which is definitely creepy, but not the election-themed show so many people were speculating about based on the hints Murphy has been giving us for months.

The reveal event gave some new insight into the season, though. Attendees reported a projected series of images of sinister-looking clowns on a red, white and blue background. Meanwhile, performers dressed as those clowns moved through the crowd, handing out AHS7 pins and asking people to “Join us.”

With all the red, white and blue imagery, it’s hard to imagine that the upcoming season won’t have some sort of political theme. Maybe Murphy plans to liken political parties to cults? We have so many questions that we fear won’t be answered until the show premieres.

You can also peep more of the creepy title reveal in a video posted to the American Horror Story website.

Check it out: 

Original story:

Even though you can get a daily dose of horror just by keeping up with the news, American Horror Story is coming back, and it looks just as terrifying.

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In a new leaked mini teaser, as well as theories from fans all across the web, the theme for the horror series’ seventh season builds on the previously confirmed theme around the 2016 election. The 15-second trailer shows a sea of white balloons, one after the other disappearing below, and eventually revealing a lone red balloon. The balloon pops, and in a flash a horrific man appears. He has a sack for a head, which is painted with a faint American flag and clown makeup, and he wears a black tuxedo with a bow tie.

Umm… No thanks.

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There has been talk that the teaser could be a fake, but AHS aficionados and Ryan Murphy, creator and director of the show, have long been posting clues about the upcoming season and what the title and theme could be. For those die-hard fans who have been keeping up, Murphy has posted a few shots on his Instagram that indicate the election theme could play out: lots of clown masks painted with red, white and blue, a sketch for an Elephant Man mask and this weird-ass picture of a person covered in bees (also posted on the AHS News Feed on Twitter).

I’m not sure how it fits in with the political theme, but maybe some metaphorical reasoning will be revealed when the official season title comes out July 20.

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So until the official season title is released, we can keep looking at this scary-as-all-hell teaser poster of the clown man…

…Or we can just keep watching the news every day. Either one forces me to sleep with the lights on.

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