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Rachel Lindsay Basically Just Revealed The Bachelorette Winner

If like me, you have zero chill when it comes to this season of The Bachelorette, you’ve probably done a bit of online snooping to see if you can determine which lucky dude ultimately puts a ring on Rachel Lindsay’s finger. While there are theories aplenty on the interwebz, Rachel may have just spilled the beans.

By accident, of course.

Earlier this week, we all watched in a mixed state of heart-eye emojis and abject bewilderment as Rachel met the families of Eric, Bryan, Peter and Dean in their hometowns. Despite Dean fessing up to falling in love with our favorite girl and her returning the sentiment, it wasn’t enough to save the super-perky young suitor from being sent packing.

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That leaves Eric, Bryan and Peter vying for Rachel’s heart. But where do things stand? Well, Eric kinda-sorta told Rachel he loved her, then kinda-sorta took it back. Peter was just as adorable as ever, but he didn’t tell Rachel he loved her, and his family practically confirmed he wasn’t ready for an engagement. Bryan basically won the week by taking her dancing and telling her he loves her.

And judging by a recent interview with People, Bryan wins a lot more than that.

At the Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 event at Avenue in Hollywood, California, Rachel couldn’t help gushing about her future husband, saying, “I love my fiancé. I just saw him yesterday. We just finished having our little rendezvous. We called it Happy Couples Weekend.”

Ooo, sounds pretty steamy! Things aren’t all sexy-time, though, ’cause Rachel revealed the pair have certainly had to work through some Bachelorette growing pains along the way.

“I try to anticipate every single situation, but there are some things you just can’t prepare yourself for,” she said. “He watches every [episode], and then we talk about it, and we move on. But that’s us.”

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That makes sense, right? But let’s get to the good stuff — you know, the part where she all but confirmed who wins her heart and this season of The Bachelorette.

When discussing potential wedding plans (they’re shooting for next year), Rachel explained, “He’s more of a hopeless romantic than I am! So he wants to wait a year too, but probably sooner. I think he’s just following my lead.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. If you’ve been watching Rachel’s journey, it doesn’t take much effort to read between the lines of that comment. Sure, she probably didn’t realize she was giving the world a major scoop, but nonetheless, her subtext says it all.

Let’s dissect.

We’ll go ahead and rule out Eric because does anyone actually think he’s going to win? He’s a sweet guy and all, but I don’t see him being ready to walk down the aisle when all is said and done. Besides, he simply doesn’t have the same chemistry with Rachel that Peter and Bryan seem to.

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Which brings us to Peter. While everyone and their mother-brother-sister-friend-cousin loves the man, he himself has said on multiple occasions that he is guarded. The way he asked his friends during hometown week how he could possibly know Rachel is the one after such a short time proves how practical he is.

In other words, he is not a hopeless romantic.

Bryan on the other hand has openly referenced his romanticism. It’s one of the things Rachel had trouble wrapping her head around at first because she is such a realist and Bryan is so gosh damn sweet and affectionate all the time.

Basically, they’ll balance each other out perfectly. They’re a match made in Bachelor Nation heaven. So we’re betting Bryan gets down on one knee during the finale — and Rachel says yes. After all, she pretty much just told us so.

Bonus? We don’t have to be sad for Peter, because this scenario sets him up perfectly to be the next suitor up for grabs. Praise be the Bachelor gods!

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