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Beyoncé’s Newest Wax Figure Looks Nothing Like Beyoncé

Something horrible has been created by the hands of man, and I don’t think it can be undone. It’s not too serious as far as bad things go, but it’s pretty bad if you’re a fan of Beyoncé. On Tuesday, Beyoncé’s Madame Tussauds wax figure was unveiled, and one particularly unflattering photo of the “Formation” singer wax form indicates this thing may be more monstrosity than marvel. Naturally, the Beyhive was confused, horrified and disgusted.

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It’s not an ugly wax figure, per se, it’s just that this thing looks nothing like Beyoncé. This skin of the figure is much lighter than Beyoncé’s in real life — problematic and inaccurate? Fun — and there’s something about the face that feels… off. Maybe it’s the eyes? The cheekbones? The lips? The pose of the figure is probably the closest thing to resembling Beyoncé, but man, it really doesn’t help to redeem the figure at all.
Naturally, people on Twitter had some very real thoughts and feelings about this figure. One person accurately nailed with a GIF the total state of confusion one might be thrown into upon first looking at this incredibly odd image of wax figure Beyoncé.

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Others gave the impression of being more than a little pissed that a wax figure whose skin was clearly much lighter than Beyoncé’s and who very obviously didn’t resemble her was allowed to exist.

This incident is perhaps all the more galling because the wax figure is one of Madame Tussauds’, as previously mentioned. Madame Tussauds is quite literally world-renowned for its wax figures of famous celebrities; for them to mess this up with a celeb as beloved as Beyoncé is really just a whole bunch of nonsense.

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To add insult to injury, another celebrity wax figure was unveiled this week: Kylie Jenner. It would appear that this is the one time Jenner has managed to upstage Beyoncé, because Jenner’s figure looks exactly — exactly — like her. The hair, the outfit and even that cheeky smirk all scream Jenner. I mean, side by side, you can hardly tell the difference. It’s nuts.

This whole, entire weird and totally unfair incident definitely should result in a new wax figure being made for Beyoncé, ASAP.

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