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An Accidental Gilmore Girls Reunion Happened Because Miracles Are Real

It’s the height of summer, which means that everyone is going on vacation. The destinations may vary, but make no mistake, folks take their R&R very seriously in the summertime. So what happens when by total happenstance you book a vacation and end up relaxing in literally the same hotel as one of your close friends? You vacation together, silly; it’s certainly one way to take those R&R vibes up a notch or two.

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That’s what happened when Gilmore Girls co-stars Melissa McCarthy and Yanic Truesdale — Sookie and Michel respectively — took a vacation to Greece recently. Truesdale posted a photo to his Instagram on Monday of himself and McCarthy in a pool together. Seeing them together isn’t at all surprising, but his caption alluded to the fact that the reason for their hangout was a total surprise. “I love when this happens!” he wrote. “By coincidence, we both booked @melissamccarthy a vacation at the same time in Greece! #magicaltiming #bestvacations.”

Of all the places to reunite, this definitely looks like the place to do it. While McCarthy and Truesdale have been on separate career paths since Gilmore Girls wrapped (they didn’t even share a scene in the Netflix revival, for pity’s sake), it’s absolutely the sweetest thing to see fate bring them together in such a way. The universe seems intent on making these co-stars reunite one way or another. But also, guys, stop melting my heart, please. It’s too much!

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The fun Gilmore Girls vibes didn’t stop there for Truesdale’s Grecian vacay. He posted another photo just hours before his picture with McCarthy that showed him relaxing on the beach while reading Lauren Graham’s book Talking As Fast As I Can. He made sure to give her some love in the photo caption and made it clear that even when they’re apart, the love for his other Gilmore Girls co-star is strong. He wrote: “Catching up on my reading in Greece. At last a vacation! Proud of my friend Lauren for her funny and entertaining new book!”

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Who knew so much magic could happen on one vacation?

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