Josh Duggar Claims He's a Victim, Files New Lawsuit

Jul 18, 2017 at 10:19 p.m. ET
Image: TLC

Someone should tell Josh Duggar that he should quit while he's behind — in a lawsuit filed on July 7, the disgraced 19 Kids and Counting star claims that In Touch Weekly violated his privacy and caused him emotional injury when they broke the news he'd been investigated for repeated sexual assault.

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In 2015, the magazine exclusively revealed that Duggar was named as the "alleged offender" in a 2007 probe regarding the repeated sexual abuse of his underage siblings.

According to the police report published by In Touch, Duggar's father, Jim Bob, brought him into the Arkansas State Police after catching his son leaving the bedroom of a young Duggar girl. Upon this discovery, Jim Bob had "learned something inappropriate happened," according to one source.

At the time, Duggar was 15.

The news rocked the until-then squeaky-clean super-Christian TLC television family, who apparently was aware of Duggar's behavior for over a year before alerting police or taking any decisive action. Not surprisingly, TLC canceled the series shortly after the scandal broke.

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Although In Touch obtained their information via a Freedom of Information Act request, Duggar has filed his lawsuit centered on an Arkansas law (the Arkansas Child Maltreatment Act) that apparently stipulates cases of child abuse should be excluded from FOIA requests.

Duggar also alleges that the police officers initially involved in the investigations assured the family the records would not be made public. In fact, he's suing them too, claiming they redacted the records so poorly that the victims were too easy to identify.

(Because now he's worried about the mental health of the victims.)

"PLAINTIFF and his siblings were subjected to spiteful and harsh comments and harassment on the Internet and in their daily lives," the lawsuit states, adding that many people on social media "disparaged" Duggar and "used the opportunity to provide unwarranted commentary on all aspects of the family members' lives."

Lawyers for the city continue to seek a dismissal, citing the unclear nature of the Child Maltreatment Act and pointing out that the "redacting and releasing of the police report, as alleged, are clearly consistent with the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act."

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To bring the focus back to where it really belongs, the city drove home their point by saying, "The truly egregious conduct at issue was that of Josh Duggar and not the Springdale Defendants."