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Leonardo DiCaprio Carried Around a Purple Plastic Bag, & the Internet Died

When you’re as big a celebrity as Leonardo DiCaprio, a certain level of public intrigue is to be expected. Who is he dating? Is he filming anything right now? What does he have in that purple plastic bag? Wait, uh… what?

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That’s right — DiCaprio took a stroll through New York City on Saturday sporting casual wear, and the internet lost its collective shit. It wasn’t his cargo shorts, simple gray shirt or even the sweater tied around his waist. Rather, it was a purple plastic bag dangling from DiCaprio’s belt that got the internet all in a tizzy.

Speculation about the contents of the bag quickly spread across the internet. Because, the internet.

Refinery29 considered DiCaprio must be carrying around a bunch of condoms. The Cut offered up several suggestions, including “five to seven newsboy caps,” “various vaping accessories” and “his Oscar.” Meanwhile, across the Pacific Ocean, Elle Australia speculated the Revenant star could be carting a “Victoria’s Secret catalogue with his next conquests circled.”

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One serious sidebar to make is that several sites have pointed out the small circle protruding from beneath his shirt could be a mobile heart monitor. Given that DiCaprio would probably prefer to keep such a device on the DL if he were wearing one, it’s possible he picked the purple bag to carry the monitoring apparatus.

If he thought that would make it less conspicuous, he clearly miscalculated. While this rumor hasn’t been totally confirmed, a source reportedly did tell Entertainment Tonight that the actor was using the monitor as part of a “routine checkup” and not for any serious health condition.

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And while the contents of the purple bag are more likely than not totally innocuous and probably pretty mundane (like, for example, a souvenir T-shirt for a loved one or a beer from a street bodega), it’s much more fun to wonder imaginatively.

Our bet? DiCaprio got his hands on a box of Thin Mints, and he simply wants them all for himself.

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