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New Viral Conspiracy Theory Involves Taylor Swift & This Super-Huge Suitcase

Today, in things I never thought I’d have to say, Taylor Swift was not — I repeat, was not — transported out of her Tribeca apartment in a gigantic suitcase, despite such being implied in a viral photo caption currently making the rounds.

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The hullabaloo started when the photo-sharing site Splash News released a photo of two men hauling a super-size suitcase out of Swift’s home. No big, right? Well, it wouldn’t have been had the site not added a particularly peculiar caption.

“Taylor Swift being transported in a huge suitcase from her Tribecca [sic] apartment into her truck, in the trunk [sic]. A fleet of cars including two large cadillacs [sic] and three suv’s [sic] arrive at Tailor [sic] Swift’s apartment in Tribecca [sic] to move a large suitcase from apartment to truck. Almost a dozen of Taylor Swift [sic] security guards were present to move this package carefully as Taylor Swift remains to be unseen [sic] for a long time,” read the caption.

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Aside from their obvious need for a solid copy editor, Splash News could clearly benefit from a fact-checker too. One must wonder if this was either a joke that slipped through the cracks before it was vetted properly or some eager college intern had one too many PBRs before their shift.

Rest assured, though, that the country-turned-pop superstar was not in fact hitching a ride outside in her luggage. “I literally just put the phone down from someone on Taylor’s camp. We’re having to actually retract that,” a Splash rep told Spin.

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Can you imagine being a fly on the wall for that conversation?

Of course, before Splash could take the photo and corresponding caption down, the good people of the internet sprang into action to respond as only the internet can.
Oh, internet… you truly never disappoint.

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