Naomi Watts Is Dating Her Gypsy Husband IRL

Jul 18, 2017 at 12:28 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

It's sure true that life imitates art.

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Naomi Watts, who stars alongside Billy Crudup in her Netflix series Gypsy, plays Crudup's wife on screen. And now, multiple sources and reports reveal Watts and Crudup have quietly started dating in real life.

Over the weekend, an eyewitness spotted the pair holding hands as they exited a café after lunch in New York City. That source relayed the news to Page Six, who broke the story of the burgeoning relationship. Since it hit headlines, sources close to Watts and Crudup have come forward to confirm that the two are more than just co-stars or friends.

Watts and Crudup "looked happy and were laughing a lot, then left again holding hands," the first eyewitness said, which definitely sounds like there's a love story blossoming here.

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It's pretty great in this instance to see two actors we love, who play spouses on screen, end up dating in real life. Even more than that, considering what Watts has been through in her personal life lately, she totally deserves a happy relationship. She just broke up with her partner of 11 years, Liev Schreiber, in 2016. They share two children together, so they've had to work hard at keeping their relationship amicable, which can't be easy after 11 years as a couple.

"There are good days and bad days and Liev and I are on great terms and we’re trying to do our absolute best for the sake of the children and we hope to keep moving forward in that way," Watts told Vogue Australia about the breakup and her life since.

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Crudup on the other hand is a little bit of a bad boy — he was dating Mary-Louise Parker until 2003 when he left her, six months pregnant with their child, for Claire Danes. Suffice it to say we'll be watching him closely here. Crudup, don't you dare hurt her.