Kit Harington & Rose Leslie Were Adorably In Love at the GoT Premiere

Jul 17, 2017 at 2:38 p.m. ET
Image: FayesVision/WENN

The greatest love story ever to hit the small screen on Game of Thrones may have ended in Season 4, but its real-life counterpart is still playing out.

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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie (aka Jon Snow and Ygritte, respectively) are so in love in real life and they're definitely not worried about who knows it. In fact, they showed it at every chance they could while at the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere. To be perfectly honest, we're super-into how lovey and happy they look in these photos.

While at the premiere, they wore outfits that perfectly complemented each other. Harington wore a slim black suit with a floral vest and Leslie wore a black and yellow gown with simple black sandals. They were the image of beauty.


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Ugh. Can they be any more perfect?

Ever since they stepped out as an official couple for the first time at last year's Olivier Awards, they've been melting our hearts at every public event they attend — this one is no different. But what's even better is how sweetly they gush about each other in interviews.

"I think that's the really special thing about it is that we met on this show and here we are seven years down the line back here promoting Season 7," Harington told reporters at the premiere. "I mean, it's mad. It's such a special thing. I'm so privileged."

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Anyone else feel like we're the privileged ones because we get to watch this happen? Long live Jon Snow and Ygritte.