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Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones Cameo Made the Internet Feel Some Type of Way

Rejoice! The seventh season of Game of Thrones has officially begun. There’s plenty we could talk about, but right now, all I’m concerned about is revisiting Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones cameo. It’s been one of the hottest topics of conversation since the Season 7 premiere aired on Sunday, and as if on cue, the internet has reacted accordingly. Minor spoilers ahead.

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In the Season 7 opener, we hear Sheeran before we actually see him. Arya is riding through the forest and we first hear Sheeran’s voice through the trees. He’s singing a really pretty song (would you expect any less?) to a group of young soldiers. He was basically there to provide the chill music for a group of his soldier pals while they ate… well, it was tough to tell what kind of animal they were eating, but hey, that’s life in Westeros for you. Even if he didn’t speak much, he did look damn handsome in that armor. Take a listen (and a look) for yourself:
So yeah, that’s basically Sheeran’s role in a nutshell. It remains to be seen whether this group of young soldiers will reappear in future episodes, which would imply he would also pop up again. It was, however, a really sweet scene and it was nice to have a pleasant, quiet moment happen in an otherwise intense Game of Thrones episode.

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The internet definitely had a lot of feelings about what it was like to see such a famous face pop up in Westeros. Lots of reactions were cheeky or a bit snarky, but ultimately good-natured. Some folks used their strong meme game to make their feelings known about Sheeran’s cameo. Overall, Twitter provided some of the best reactions to this instantly memorable Game of Thrones scene.

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Of course, one Twitter user absolutely nailed it when they brought it full circle with this observation:
It’s a shame Sheeran isn’t on Twitter these days because he really needs to see some of these amazing reactions to his Game of Thrones appearance.

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