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The Original Jersey Shore Cast Is Coming Together for an Epic Reunion

Drop everything, including your usual GTL (that’s gym, tan, laundry, duh) routine! I’ve got big news for all you guidos and guidettes, so you probably need to take a seat. According to The Hollywood ReporterJersey Shore is the next show that is getting the revival treatment.

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The one minor caveat here is that the new show won’t be an exact revival of the original. Rather, the old cast is getting back together for a “reunion-centered docuseries,” the latest report details. The show will be called Reunion Road Trip, so it only makes sense that there will be some road tripping action involved, and it will reportedly air on E! instead of Jersey Shore‘s original home, MTV. Hello, can you imagine the Jersey Shore cast packed into a couple of cars and hitting, like, the Midwest? I gotta admit I was getting pretty sick of revivals, but this one I am fully behind.

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Here’s how THR describes the new series: “The unscripted entry will capture an epic show reunion as the cast drives down memory lane, making familiar stops along the way — sharing stories, revisiting hot spots and catching up on each other’s current lives. Viewers will follow the lifelong friends as they come together to gossip about each other’s lives, what has been said about them in the press, the juiciest moments and stories from behind the scenes that we never saw, and most of all, talk about the pop culture hit that has bonded them forever.” The cast will have a sort of reunion special, which will serve as the pilot for the series. Here’s hoping it’s done Real Housewives style, with all of them rehashing their drama.

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The original Jersey Shore ran from 2009 to 2012, with 71 episodes over six seasons. It was also a pop culture moment, as everyone who tuned in already knows. Are you as excited as I am? This is truly going to be one the most amazing revivals to ever hit our TV screens.

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