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Justin Timberlake Was a Real-Life Hero on the Golf Course

Here’s something you probably never knew: If you’re in a crisis, Justin Timberlake isn’t a bad guy to have around. By that, I don’t mean that, like, he’s any better equipped to deal with a crisis than any of the rest of us, but he will spring into action with his good-natured attitude if you do at all require his help. Honestly, I can’t think of too many crises where his help wouldn’t do the trick.

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Case in point: JT was golfing in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Wednesday when someone hit a ball off the tee and straight into the crowd of spectators alongside the 17th hole. The result of this wild hit was that some poor woman was nailed right in the stomach. Timberlake probably should have hung back for a minute so everyone wouldn’t think he was the one who hit the lady, but instead, he jogged right on over to try and comfort her with what looked like jokes and a high five.

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What’s even better than that? A Sacramento Bee reporter got it all on tape. Observe:

But, as I already mentioned, Timberlake might have been a little slower to action. His celebrity golf partner, Tony Romo, explained at a press conference what went down, including the part where everyone thought it was JT who hit the rogue ball.

“I told Justin, I said, ‘You don’t want to be the first one to get there because if you are she’s going to think you hit her,'” Romo explained. “He didn’t catch that part. And sure enough he showed right up and he was right there, right at the end she’s like, can she talk to you afterward because you hit her. He’s like, ‘I didn’t hit her. Like, I was coming to be nice, like help.’ Then he turns and tells the crowd, ‘I want everyone here to know I didn’t hit her.'”

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We know you didn’t, JT. You’re an angel.

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