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Evan Rachel Wood Just Let a New Westworld Season 2 Hint Slip

As if it wasn’t torturous enough that we still have to wait a year for more Westworld episodes to hit our TV screens, there’s also some more information being teased by the show’s star, Evan Rachel Wood. Wood spoke about Westworld Season 2’s themes while she was reacting to the show netting 22 Emmy nominations — yes, 22, guys — on Thursday.

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Wood sounded pretty excited and somewhat surprised by Westworld clearly becoming one of the major players in the 69th Emmy Awards race. “It’s wonderful. I’ve been speaking to my castmates all morning and I’m so proud of them and the show, and everyone involved works so hard on it and loves it so much. It’s just a wonderful feeling when it’s a perfect storm like this.”

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It’s not a surprise that a show as complex and compelling as Westworld, which spawned a massive fandom full of fans ready to unpack its themes and meanings in Season 1, would garner so many nominations. Following this excitement, it’s only natural that Wood’s remarks would move into a discussion about Season 2.

She repeated some very interesting information about what fans can expect, saying that Westworld‘s showrunners Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy “summed it up really well: The first season was defined by control, and the second season will be defined by chaos. From the little that I know, they are not kidding. It’s even more ambitious than the first season, so get ready.”

That’s right: for those who may have missed it the first time, Wood reiterates that Westworld Season 2 is going to be all about chaos. It’s not much to go off of because, presumably, Wood is contractually obligated to keep her lips zipped about the precise details of Season 2, but it certainly is enough for right now.

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It’s not exactly a stretch to imagine that with a chaotic turn in the show coming up, things will get more and more ambitious. The Westworld Season 1 finale ended with chaos coming out of the shadows in the form of the Westworld robots becoming more and more sentient. With their consciousness seemingly unlocked, how they use their newfound capabilities to their advantage against their human oppressors will be interesting to see. Never mind that aside from the chaos presented by newly sentient robots, we also have strong hints that chaos and ambitious vision could be coming in the form of new theme park worlds being explored in Season 2; this could be one hell of a wild ride.

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All things considered, if Season 1 of Westworld is so good that both audiences and Emmy Award voters agree it’s worthy of recognition, then it’s totally exciting to think about what lies in store for us in Season 2.

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