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You Need to See Meryl Streep’s Obama-Inspired Purse

In an unsurprising turn of events, Meryl Streep did something amazing. While on the set of her latest project, the actress was seen sporting a purse with the cutest and couple-est photo of Barack and Michelle Obama printed right on the front.

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Of course, we’re forced to wonder if Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada would be caught dead holding a purse like this — or perhaps it would be the hot-ticket item on a political circuit. But Streep, who is an icon in her own right, may have just won the nonexistent competition for best accessory ever captured on camera.

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The three-time Best Actress Oscar winner has never shied away from her political beliefs, often being as outspoken as possible about the current political climate. Recently, Streep has been known for candidly speaking against Donald Trump and his administration (resulting in backlash from the president himself) and supporting Democratic Party frontrunners like the Obamas and Hillary Clinton. So, Streep openly rocking the political statement piece isn’t surprising, but the main question for me is this: Did she make this handbag herself?

There have always been crafty ways to print photos onto clothes and bags and blankets. Could it be that Streep has a collection of these tools and keeps them for art projects? And if that’s the case, what else has she made? Or did she just buy the purse as is? Was it in a random gift shop and she saw it and just had to have it? If someone out there has this footage, please send it in.

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Bless Meryl Streep forever, Obama handbag and all.

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