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Bridezillas Is Yet Another TV Show Getting the Revival Treatment

It’s 2017, and if there’s one thing we know about ourselves in this age, it’s that original TV content has nothing on a good revival.

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We’ve been reviving canceled shows left and right. No show is safe from a revival and that is so clear now because WEtv just announced its plan to revive a show literally no one ever asked to see again: Bridezillas. Just kidding. They say they’re reviving it because so many people actually demanded that they do so.

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“From the beginning, Bridezillas was nothing short of pop culture phenomenon and a brand-defining show for WE tv. Years after saying goodbye to our last Bridezilla, we have been asked consistently to bring this show back by viewers and fans,” WEtv President Marc Juris said in a statement. “With its built-in fanbase and continued cultural relevance, the Bridezillas franchise is a strategic growth asset that we can leverage across our business and we are thrilled to be bringing it back to WE tv.”

Bridezillas was canceled after 10 seasons in 2013. The new season, airing in 2018, will be 10 hourlong episodes. Casting is underway as we speak.

That means we can look forward to more moments like these once this hits airwaves.

One can only imagine how much tulle and wedding cake will be flying all over the place as the drama unfolds on screen. God help us all.

That’s because the revival sounds like it’ll be no different from the original show. “As we move closer to the brides’ big day, tempers and tensions flare, the patience of loved ones is tested and monumental meltdowns become inevitable as our Bridezillas are pushed to the edge — all in the name of planning the ‘perfect’ wedding,” WEtv said in a release.

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Did we really ask for this?

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