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Did Mandy Moore Just Instagram a This Is Us Season 2 Spoiler?

There’s good news happening for impatient fans of the drama series that made us all ugly cry, This Is Us.

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The cast of This Is Us is officially reunited and filming Season 2, and they may have already given away a huge spoiler for what’s the come in the next installment of the tear-jerking series. Since the clearly tight-knit cast has been back together, they’ve all been sharing hella selfies from set. There was this adorable shot by Sterling K. Brown with his “parents,” Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia.

See any spoilers yet? No? Just wait. It’s coming.

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Then, there’s this cutie-patootie shot of teen stars Niles Fitch and Logan Shroyer, who recently became series regulars on the show.

And this shot of one of the season’s first scenes, courtesy of series creator Dan Fogelman, which at least tells us that there will be more flashbacks to Jack and Rebecca’s early lives happening.

Did you catch the major spoiler yet? No? Well, that’s because it comes to us courtesy of the This Is Us queen mama herself, Ms. Moore.

Moore posted a number of shots from behind the scenes to her Instagram story, and there was one in particular that caught fans’ eyes. Instagram stories disappear, but luckily for all of us, screen-caps exist. The photo shows Moore holding up a hat that says “Big Three Construction,” which is a reference to the show and, in particular, to Jack Pearson. If this hat appears on the show, then it stands to reason that Jack lives long enough to create his dream company and make hats to celebrate. Basically, we may have just gotten our first clue about what happens to Jack before he dies. Cue the tears. All of them.

This Is Us Big Three Homes hat
Image: Mandy Moore/Instagram

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Ugh, finish filming already, This Is Us! We needed answers yesterday.

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