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Ryan Reynolds Paid Sweet Homage to Wonder Woman

Damn it, Ryan Reynolds — it’s not like we needed another reason to dream of an alternate reality where Ryan Reynolds clones populate the world, but by God, you’re really making it so. Reynolds’ latest act, which could be filed under “He’s a Wonderful Human,” involved Wonder Woman and rad AF tribute to it doing incredibly well at the box office after more than a month in theaters. While Wonder Woman continues to inspire and excited us all, Reynolds’ tribute manages to somehow amplify that love and inspiration through one truly great tribute.

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According to BuzzFeed, it all started when Reynolds discovered that Wonder Woman surpassed Deadpool‘s domestic box office, $368 million and counting to $360 million. While Deadpool still leads the worldwide box office with $783 million, Wonder Woman could easily fly by that benchmark in the near future too. Currently, the Gal Gadot-fronted film’s global gross haul is idling right around $746 million.

But instead of allowing male fragility to rear its ugly head, Reynolds responded in a way that secured his superhero status in our minds for the foreseeable future.

Along with a graphic showing Deadpool forming a heart around the gold Wonder Woman chain he’s wearing, Reynolds wrote, “The Merc May Be Filthier, but Her B.O. is Stronger. Congrats #WonderWoman #BoxOfficeBoss.”

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So cheeky but so on brand. You can feel the love practically radiating through the image. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a delightful play on words here: “B.O.” could stand for “body odor” (a one-up on the reference’s to Deadpool being filthier) or “box office.” Reynolds, you’re a North American treasure, man.

A play on words plus unequivocal — and unsolicited, no less — support for a female-led film? HELL YES. Blake Lively, you lucky broad. If you ever need a stunt double for your everyday life as Reynolds’ wife, we volunteer as tribute.

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