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The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 Trailer Is Full of Champagne Problems

The Real Housewives of Dallas may not have a season count as high as some of the franchise’s best-known offerings (yet), but that sure doesn’t mean the drama is lacking down south.

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After a successful first season, RHOD is coming back, and there’s already major drama just from the second season’s first trailer. Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond are no longer BFFs.

“My best friend is not my best friend anymore,” Redmond says in the new trailer, which then cuts to Hollman saying through tears, “The one person who was supposed to love me like a sister threw me away like a piece of trash.”

We don’t know too many details yet, but it seems like their relationship may have fallen apart over Redmond’s failing marriage, which was featured prominently in the first season. In the trailer, Redmond can be seen telling Hollman, who is once again crying, “You said that my marriage was like watching a slow car crash.” Yeah, that’ll get in the way of a friendship.

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All hope may not be lost quite yet, though, because of this moment:

Bustle reports that Tiffany Hendra is not returning for the series’ second season, but instead, viewers get two newcomers: D’Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott.

Westcott is described as a “real-life Elle Woods from Legally Blonde,” and she’s in the process of trying to create and market a pink dog food. Only on Real Housewives, y’all.

Simmons is good friends with series regular LeeAnne Locken and promises she’s only going to “walk on eggshells” when she talks about her mother and Jesus.

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We’re in for a wild ride, y’all.

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