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Kit Harington’s Fake GoT Audition Tape Is the Best GoT Pregame

At this point, it’s kind of hard to imagine Kit Harington as anyone other than his Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow.

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But he’s doing his best to make us imagine it anyway — and helping us get psyched up for Season 7 — by releasing his long-lost audition tapes for, well, just about every other GoT character.

OK, just kidding. He was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when he filmed the definitely fake audition tapes. But that doesn’t make them any less hilarious. Seriously, Harington nails some of his co-stars. Check it out:

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Still rocking his well-known chin-length hair and goatee, he dons wigs and costumes to portray Cersei Lannister (after confusing her with Kirsten Dunst?), Arya Stark, Hodor (*tears*), Daenerys Targaryen and even a White Walker.

“When you play the game of thrones, you either win, or you die. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to have sex with my brother,” he says as Cersei before transitioning into the role of Arya Stark with this perfect line: “I’m a widdle girl who acts like a widdle boy and I’m a killer with my widdle sword!”

It’s a good thing Harington landed the role of Jon Snow, because it’s clearly the one he was best suited for. When he showed up for his actual audition, he rolled in with a black eye, convincing producers he was a perfect fit to play the rough-and-tumble Snow. Also, his impressions were objectively terrible, even if they were funny.

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Just a few days until Season 7 premieres, and it’s safe to say we’re ready for it.

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