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Those Minka Kelly-Jesse Williams Dating Rumors Get Clarified

Updated July 12, 9:45 a.m. PT: There’s more evidence now that Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly may be dating, but that they didn’t get together until well after Williams split from his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee.

A source told People magazine that they are casually dating now, but noted that the relationship is new. “They’re having a good time together,” the insider said. It may not be much to go on, but it at least backs up what Williams said previously about having nothing shady happening before he and his wife called it quits. Maybe this will finally put all those cheating rumors to rest — Williams deserves a break from that negativity.

Original story:

Celebrities live a life of constant scrutiny, and it can’t be fun. That probably goes double when it comes to relationship troubles and the way the media handles celebrity splits and the rumors that surround them.

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Consider the case of Jesse Williams and the very public breakup from his wife Aryn Drake-Lee. After some intense coverage of their split, Williams is speaking up about how he disliked the way that split was covered. Appearing on Jay-Z’s Footnotes for 4:44, Williams takes a moment to address that coverage: 

“I was in a relationship 13 years, 13 real years, not five years, not seven years, 13 years, and all of a sudden motherfuckers are writing think pieces that I somehow threw a 13-year relationship — like the most painful experience I’ve had in my life, like with a person I’ve loved with all of my heart — that I threw a person and my family in the trash because a girl I work with is cute,” Williams says on the video.

The Grey’s Anatomy star may be referencing rumors that he had cheated on her with his co-star, Minka Kelly. Neither party has commented on those rumors — until now.

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The video also includes some very famous friends weighing in on their own relationships, including Will Smith, Aziz Ansari, Meek Mill, Michael B. Jordan, and Kendrick Lamar. The footage from this documentary has yet to be released, but if Williams’ comments from these early reports are anything to go by, it’s going to make for an interesting watch.

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But that’s all the detail we’re getting for now. Williams and Drake-Lee are focused on a custody battle over their two children, and TBH, who even has time for the Hollywood gossip mill?

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