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The Best Reactions to Peter’s Doubt on The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette made us think Peter had some serious doubt heading into tonight’s episode. Luckily, it was just some clever editing that wasn’t really as panic-worthy as the trailers made it seem. He got a rose, is headed to hometowns and is still smitten with Rachel, which means more Peter next week. Whew!

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That didn’t stop Bachelor Nation from having some serious feels about Peter’s not-so-dramatic date, and they were kinda awesome. From the hopes that he’ll become the next Bachelor to the prayers that he and Rachel will end engaged and all the GIFs in between, Twitter knows how to land an effective reaction.

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On the bright side to this whole Peter conundrum, if he doesn’t end up with Rachel, at least we’ll get to look forward to a whole season of him on The Bachelor. Oh please, oh please, oh please. I can’t decide which I want more… please refer to the Zach Galifianakis tweet above.

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Do you want Peter and Rachel to end up together or do you want to see him as the next Bachelor?

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