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Simone Biles Has a Choice Response to Being Called a ‘Bad Role Model’

Simone Biles, badass Olympic gymnastics champion and fierce Dancing with the Stars competitor, is enjoying some chill time these days.

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And while she’s been on a little vacay in Hawaii with her family, she decided to drop some selfie action on her Instagram. Isn’t that what any of us would do in Hawaii? Totally legit. Also, she looks fire in this shot. That Hawaiian sun is good for ya, girl.

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Except that, you know, this is the internet, and nothing is allowed to be so good and pure. Biles was immediately (and unnecessarily) clapped back at by some dumb troll, who wrote in the comments, “It seems like you have partied non-stop for a year,” and then added hashtags “Trash,” “Unfollow” and “SuckyAssRoleModel.”

You’d think this wouldn’t need to be said, but apparently, it needs to be said. You bully someone as strong and confident and self-assured as Biles, and you’re in for a bad time. The Olympian quickly responded with her own comment: “Talk to me when you train for 14 years and earn 5 Olympic Medals. I think kids would say otherwise. My year off is well deserved! Take a couple seats.”

Take a couple seats, indeed. In fact, take all of the seats.

Biles also captured the offending comment and her response and tweeted out the screenshots, adding, “Comments like this have me shook. I really wanted to blur her name out so she doesn’t get attention. but it is what it is…#BLOCK.”

Before you lose all hope in humanity, though, know that other commenters are rallying around Biles and assuring her of something she already knows: She’s an amazing role model.

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Bye, haters.

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