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A New Princess Diana TV Special Will Focus on Conspiracy Theories

This again? Really?

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There’s a new Princess Diana special coming to TV, but it might be one you’ll want to skip. Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason? premieres July 31 on TLC and will focus on the conspiracy theories surrounding Di’s life and death. Ugh. Hasn’t this dead horse been beaten enough already?

The three-hour special will feature an interview with noted conspiracy theorist Richard Belzer, who has long claimed that Diana didn’t die from a high-speed paparazzi chase but was assassinated, and the royal family administrated a complex cover-up to hide the truth of her death. Belzer has even written a book about it: Dead Wrong 2: Diana, Princess of Wales. Good gracious.

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We get that Diana’s life was not totally free of scandal and that she’s still so well loved that we all miss her deeply, to the point that we crave information about her life. But the conspiracy theory stuff, you guys? It’s gotta go away. It’s so disrespectful to her memory and her legacy. We can honor her so much better than this.

So, instead of watching a garbage show about conspiracy theories surrounding her death, watch something else about Diana. Lord knows we have options coming up — with the 20th anniversary of her death coming up on Aug. 31, plenty of networks are scheduling memorial specials in her honor.

This includes a BBC special called Diana and I, which will explore the impact Di’s death had on regular people around the world, which sounds amazing. There’s also the second season of Ryan Murphy’s Feud, which is going to focus on Diana and her tumultuous relationship with Prince Charles, which is the kind of real-life drama realness we can actually get behind. Unlike the conspiracy theory bullshit.

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Diana was an amazing person who left such a mark on the world. Can we stop trying to sully her memory already?

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