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Justin Trudeau Spoke Up for Global Gender Equality Ahead of the G20 Summit

On the eve of the G20 Summit, Canadian Prime Minister — and possible superhero in disguise, à la Clark Kent — Justin Trudeau showed up at the Global Citizen concert in Hamburg, Germany, in order to promote something positive: gender equality. Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, were invited onstage to speak briefly ahead of the rousing musical performances from notable acts like Shakira, Coldplay and Pharrell Williams. The prime minister was quick to voice his support for global gender equality and to say that Canada is taking steps to ensure equality for and empowerment of women.

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After greeting the crowd in German and English and introducing his remarks in French (try not to swoon, y’all), Trudeau switched back to English and said, “Global citizens like you know that that fight for fairness and equality starts with empowering women and girls.” His statement was met with thunderous approval from the crowd.

Grégoire Trudeau continued, elaborating on how Canada is taking steps towards this equality initiative. “Because the really big issues we face, like climate change, poverty and disease — these affect women and girls more than anyone else. That’s why, just a few weeks ago, we announced Canada’s first Feminist International Assistance Policy. It puts women and girls at the heart of these efforts and these great issues.”

Trudeau continued, “It invests in grassroots women’s organizations like never before and it underscores something that we all know.” Then Trudeau and Grégoire Trudeau spoke together: “Given equal opportunities, women and girls can change the world.”

Trudeau concluded by promising to bring that message to the G20 Leaders’ Summit this weekend and asking the crowd to share it as well.

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His declaration that fighting for global gender equality definitely struck a chord with the crowd and set an exciting tone for an evening dedicated to promoting peace and positive, progressive values. From there, in an attempt to put that positivity into song, Coldplay and Shakira teamed up on stage for a number of songs. The Hollywood Reporter noted that both musical acts performed songs together from their respective musical catalogs, including duets on “Yellow” and “Chantaje.”

Notably, the Global Citizen concert took place just down the street from anti-Trump and anti-globalization demonstrations where a great many police officers were on scene to calm down the crowds. By contrast, the concert was a peaceful event, where tickets were free and given to those who showed their political commitment by signing petitions or using social media to connect with politicians attending the G20 Summit.

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The next few days will be important when it comes to world leaders discussing a variety of issues that affect citizens all over the world. It’s heartening to see that, ahead of the summit, leaders like Trudeau are making their voices heard in any way possible to promote equality and unity.

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