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You Need to See Nicole Kidman’s A Capella Version of ‘Wannabe’ ASAP

Nobody knows it, but July 8 is a very important holiday. It’s the 21st anniversary of the Spice Girls’ hit song, “Wannabe.” So grab a drink and sit back because some celebs are celebrating a capella-style.

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In a truly mesmerizing video from W magazine that will probably go down in pop culture history, Nicole Kidman led the charge of all-star celebrities in singing a song that defines girl power and the importance of sisters over misters. The video also features Milo Ventimiglia, Millie Bobby Brown, James Franco and so many others on the anthem, whether singing a capella, speaking beautiful prose or rapping along.

Check out this extremely important video below.

While the lyrics are classic, they take on new meaning with every rendition. While Kidman and Alexander Skarsgård go for a more intensely dramatic reading, Keri Russell and Brown really belt it out in a new version of the song you didn’t even know you needed.

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It’s so good that all of them deserve an official Spice Girl name. Maybe Milo Spice, Kid Spice, Millie Spice, Franco Spice? Even though there’s no word on the new version from the original girl group just yet, one can only hope there’s some kind of celebration, especially since there was a partial Spice Girls reunion last year and there continue to be rumors of a reunion on the regular.

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Ginger, Baby and Scary got together for the 20th anniversary last year and released a video that hinted at a full reunion for the Spice Girls. Some current scuttlebutt includes talk of a tour with the Backstreet Boys, so yeah, the Spice Girls really need to stop letting other people sing their songs — even though we love it — and get back to singing for themselves.

Until then, this will definitely, definitely, definitely do.

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