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Twitter Celebrates the 4th of July, AKA ‘Malia Obama Day’

Backyard barbecues, boating, fireworks… there are certain time-honored traditions associated with the Fourth of July. And it looks like it’s time to add another to the festive list — celebrating Barack Obama’s eldest daughter, Malia.

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Granted, Independence Day always doubles as a celebration for Malia to those closest to her given she was born on the holiday 19 years ago.

However, it isn’t just her inner circle lauding Malia’s birthday anymore. According to Twitter, in fact, the Harvard-bound teen deserves a holiday of her own.

Even Chance the Rapper, who is a close personal friend of the Obamas, got in on the fun.

Black Twitter in particular took part in toasting Malia, citing growing racial turmoil in the country and their disenfranchisement by the current administration as reasons for shifting the celebration from Independence Day to Malia Obama Day.

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Naturally, this was a direct blow to the fragility of cisgender white men everywhere, who voiced their vile opposition on Twitter as well in the comment section of a Newsweek article on the subject by writer Julia Glum. We won’t dignify those by repeating them, though.

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If people find hope and patriotism in celebrating the former first daughter, more power to them. Not only does it not hurt anyone, but it actually probably makes Malia feel pretty darn special — which she is.

So here’s to you, Malia! We hope “your” day was one to remember.

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