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Will Ferrell Says Working With Mariah Carey Was ‘A S***storm’

She has the voice of an angel, but from the sound of it, Mariah Carey’s no picnic to work with behind the scenes. Or, at least, that’s what Will Ferrell seems to think. He recently dropped some major bombshells about his time on the set of his new movie, The House, with the ultimate diva. Let’s just say he’s relieved to be finished with this particular collaboration.

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The drama began when Carey decided to show up a whopping four hours late for her cameo in The House, as Ferrell recalled it while chatting with Bravo’s Andy Cohen. She was evidently unapologetic; instead of attempting to make amends, she immediately launched into her issues with the scene she was supposed to shoot. Ferrell told Cohen, “One of her script notes was like, ‘I don’t want to do this scene.'”

Somehow, this disaster in the making went from bad to worse. Carey was supposed to perform one of her songs — Ferrell couldn’t remember which — but she suddenly decided that she’d rather sing a completely different tune. He admitted that this was all “hard with clearance, and became quite a kerfuffle.”

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“Kerfuffle” was evidently too mild a word to really capture the chaos on set. Ferrell then strengthened his language, telling Cohen that the drama with Carey was, in reality, “a shitstorm.”

The drama doesn’t end there. Carey was dissatisfied with pretty much everything about the intended cameo. For example, while her character was supposed to be killed off, she preferred to deflect bullets à la Wonder Woman.

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Now, we can totally get behind one of Carey’s off-screen quirks. She evidently wanted her trailer filled with stuffed lambs, “for her lambies,” which is the nickname for her fans. Gotta keep the fans happy should they swarm outside your trailer, right?

Ferrell’s certainly not the only person annoyed by Carey’s out-of-control behavior. Fellow actor Cedric Yarbrough also called her out in a Facebook post that has since been deleted. Clearly angry, he referred to Carey as “borderline abusive.”

If what Ferrell and Yarbrough have to say is true, Carey is not one to cross on set. Her cameo may have been scrapped, but it was definitely filmed. We hope it’s eventually released — we’re itching to see the product of all that drama!

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