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Here’s Who’s Going to Die on Game of Thrones Season 7

Back in 2011, the new HBO show Game of Thrones shocked the world by killing off (who we thought was) the main character, Ned Stark, at the end of the season. Stark was beheaded, and viewers were like, “Wait, what? You can’t just kill main characters like that!” Little did we know that GoT was all about killing off main characters, and not just on season finales. Really, just any time.

What followed in the next five seasons was a lot of deaths: falls, murders, duels, sicknesses, maulings by monsters, fatal curses. Even something as pleasant as a wedding turned into a deeply traumatic event that we now call the Red Wedding.

So, the big question is, “Who is going to go down this season?” We know that there’s going to be a bunch of huge wars, but who’s going to make it out alive, and who’s going to go to the big Westeros in the sky where most of the cast is waiting? Let’s take a look at a few of our best guesses.

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Cersei win or die
Image: GIPHY

Not only is she on Arya’s very scary kill list, Cersei also has more enemies in Westeros and beyond than anyone else we can think of. Sure, she’s killed literally hundreds of them, but killing your enemies tends to create even more enemies. Cersei is also getting increasingly crazy and compulsive, so we can’t be sure what big risks she will be taking in Season 7. All we know is that 1) sitting on the Iron Throne can seriously harm your lifespan, and 2) an old fortune teller predicted that after she outlives all three of her kids, she’ll be murdered by one of her brothers. Yikes.


sansa stark: I don't pray anymore
Image: Giphy

The Stark family does not have a great track record when it comes to living to be old and gray. Sansa has already lost her parents and a couple of brothers, and she might be next. Why is she in danger? First and foremost, she’s entangled with Littlefinger more than we’d like. Second, we are betting that neither Jon Snow nor Arya kicks the bucket, so the writers may take Sansa out just to make sure we are as heartbroken as possible anyway.

The Hound

The Hound GIF
Image: Giphy

The Hound has been taken off of Arya’s revenge list, but that does not mean he’s safe. The poor man has been through so much at this point in the series, including several near-death moments, and we are not convinced he’ll make it through to the series finale. Our guess is that he’ll meet back up with Arya and that he’ll go out fighting for what’s right. There’s a ton of speculation that Sandor will fight his Frankenstein-like brother, The Mountain, whom he has hated since he was a child. We think that would be epic, and we have no idea who would win.


Jorah Mormont: And yet here I stand
Image: Giphy

Ever-faithful Jorah just wants to love and protect his princess, Daenerys. But, sadly, he’s quickly dying of greyscale, a super-terrifying fatal disease with no known cure. We are unsure whether he will die of his illness or whether he’s going to fall on his sword for his Khaleesi, but we are reasonably confident that his final curtain will come before the show’s final curtain.

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Theron: What is dead can never die
Image: Giphy

Theon has been through it, and now he’s headed to war yet again, this time against his evil uncle Euron. Why do we think he might kick the bucket? He’s had a long and dramatic character arc, and now that he’s made up for many of his past mistakes, his work in this world may be over. In addition, we don’t see anything good happening at all for the inhabitants of the Iron Islands, who are real dark horses when it comes to winning the Game of Thrones.

Grey Worm

grey worm in water
Image: Giphy

Grey Worm has been trained to fight for his whole life, but it’s only since he gained his freedom that he’s learned to live. We have loved watching him grow and learn and fall in love next to Daenerys, and we have loved watching him kick butt for his cause. But, sadly, we think he might be too good to survive in George R.R. Martin’s world for much longer. Right now, he’s on a boat and sailing toward the largest battle of his life. We are thinking it will also be his last.


Littlefinger: I'm a practical man
Image: Giphy

A lot of people die in GoT, and as far as we can tell, most of the people who deserve to die eventually do (see Sansa’s late husband Ramsay). We don’t exactly want to say that Littlefinger should die for his sins, but he’s sinned a lot. In addition, he’s put his little fingers in a lot of different pies. His constant scheming has gotten him in hot water before, and we wouldn’t be surprised if someone has finally had enough of his endless games. It might even be Sansa.


Brienne of Tarth
Image: Giphy

Oh, Brienne. This sword-wielding badass might be far too good for this world. Brienne is earnest, loyal and kind, and she always has been. In that way, she’s one of the show’s flattest characters. She’s also one of the show’s nicest characters. Those are not attributes you want if you’d like to survive until the credits roll. On the plus side, we imagine that Brienne will go out swinging her sword for good.

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