Emmanuel Macron’s Official Portrait Needs to Be Seen

In a world that has already given us Barack Obama and young Joe Biden (swoon), we are hashtag blessed when it comes to having hot politicians to drool over. Add Justin Trudeau into the mix, and how can we even care about things like policy? Too busy fangirling, TBH.

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And now there’s yet another hot world leader to swoon over. Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron released his official portrait on Twitter today and, all together now: Hot damn.

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That smoldering gaze. That cheeky half smile. That hairline. That well-tailored suit and fashionable skinny tie. Be still my heart. All of our hearts.

All of the replies to Macron’s tweet are in French, and I do not speak a word of French, but I imagine they read something like this: “Suck it, rest of the world, because France has the hottest leader on the planet. Look at him. Keep looking at him. Think about all the mistakes you’ve made, like electing a president who looks like a lump of half-baked cookie dough (looking at you, USA). Canada, you gave it your best shot, but we win. Go France!”

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And France does win. Coming into this article, I really didn’t want to have to choose a side between my one true love Justin Trudeau and this super-hot new kid on the block, but I think it’s clear where my allegiance lies. I’m sorry, Justin. It was fun. It was real. It’s not you; it’s me. Well, me and Emmanuel Macron.


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