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Alec Baldwin’s Family Photobombed His Interview & It’s the Greatest Thing

SheKnows wanted to get to the bottom of Alec Baldwin’s family life, but we got a lot more than we bargained for. And by that, I mean we got the whole Baldwin crew in for our interview, including Hilaria Baldwin and the couple’s two babies, Leonardo and Rafael. But it was their 3-year-old daughter, Carmen, who really stole the interview.

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As soon as the whole pack entered the room, Carmen made her way comfortably into her dad’s lap, cameras be damned.

From there, Carmen sang her family song with Alec (which you can watch above in all its adorable glory) and even helped him primp by adding some colorful red lipstick to his lips when she thought he needed a touch-up.

Alec Baldwin's 3-year-old daughter helps him with a lipstick touchup
Image: SheKnows

We did manage to get in a few questions during the interview, but who needs them when you have Alec Baldwin being doted on by his 3-year-old daughter?

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“Everyone gets their own mini muffin,” Alec said when asked how he encourages sibling bonding, a topic that is the central theme of his recent animated movie Boss Baby.

Of course, Hilaria chimed in with the real strategy: “Lots of equal love and attention.”

But mini muffins never hurt.

“Carmen knows she is the girl in the house. She and Mommy are the two girls,” Alec said as Carmen smeared some lip gloss over his lips. He has an older daughter, model Ireland Baldwin, but she is 21 and no longer living under her dad’s roof.

Alec also praised his wife’s mothering skills: “My father used to say, he said, ‘Parenthood is a competition between two people where the father always wins the bronze medal.’ Mother wins first and second prize.”

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Though Alec clearly dotes on his family, the same way they dote on him.

Alec Baldwin during SheKnow's Boss Baby interview
Image: SheKnows

At the end of the video, you can see Alec in all his baby-voiced glory saying “Hi Leo!” to his son. What you don’t see is Leo’s reaction, but trust me, that little baby was all goo-goo smiles as he received attention from his father. It was a beautiful thing. And yeah, OK, it gave me a bit of baby fever. So sue me.

Boss Baby in Digital HD is available now on Amazon Video and iTunes. The DVD and Blu-ray are scheduled to hit shelves July 25.

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