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12 Things to Know About Rob Lowe’s Sons

If you’ve been hoping to watch a real-life version of Supernatural, here you go.

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Rob Lowe and his sons, Matthew, 23, and John Owen, 21, have their own reality show titled The Lowe Files. It will soon air on A&E and follows the family traveling across the country as they look into mysterious phenomena.

It’s kind of similar to what John, Sam and Dean Winchester do, except the Lowes will not actually be hunting and/or killing supernatural creatures. They will, however, be exploring supernatural locations, the paranormal and urban-legend sites.

It will be interesting to see Lowe in this kind of light, especially when people are so used to seeing him as an actor. As for his sons, well, they definitely aren’t famous like their father, but their docuseries will be a great way to get to know them.

Until then, here are a few things about Matthew and John Owen Lowe to get you acquainted with them even better.

1. John Owen was in The Grinder

Rob Lowe's son, John Owen Lowe, starred in The Grinder
Image: Fox

He played Joel Zadak, who dated Lizzie Sanderson. John Owen shared many memorable scenes with his dad’s character, Dean Sanderson, aka “The Grinder,” including when Dean said to Joel, “#TeenLife.”

2. Both are seeking high-level educations

According to John Owen’s Instagram profile, he’s attending Stanford University. As for Matthew, his Instagram bio lists him as a J.D. candidate at Loyola Law and a Duke University alum.

3. Matthew loves his dog — a lot

This is Jack, who is super-cute and extremely loved by his family.

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4. John Owen sometimes hangs with Niall Horan

Apparently, he knows the former One Direction member. Any 1D fans jealous?

5. Matthew adores his girlfriend
As you can see from the Instagram caption, Matthew loves his girlfriend. Her IG is blocked, but her name is Christina Turnbull and she attends Duke.

6. They aren’t afraid to take jabs at their dad

The Lowes appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in April, where Matthew and John Owen didn’t hold back about Rob. Matthew said, “Anytime we’re out, if anyone will ask to take a picture or if we’re taking a family picture, he’s like: ‘No, this can’t be done here. The light is not right. Not at all.’ It’s a candid picture, man!” John Owen added, “He likes selfies a little too much.”

7. They seem pretty close

Matthew and John Owen appear to get along well. Matthew also seems to be thankful for The Lowe Files since it gave them more time to spend together. “I’m in law school, my brother is in school and my dad is always working, so the three of us don’t get to be together that often,” Matthew told People in June. “It really just felt like a fun trip we were on, and cameras just happened to be around.”

8. Matthew can’t get enough of fishing
Seriously, most of his Instagram is filled with fishing photos.

9. John Owen’s close with Patrick Schwarzenegger

Based on his IG, it looks like these two hang out a lot.

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10. John Owen’s throwbacks are epic

How great is this photo of a young John Owen with Taylor Lautner? Do you want another? Here you go.

11. They find their dad embarrassing

During their Ellen DeGeneres Show appearance, John had the following to say about Rob: “He’s just like… He’s a man-child. He’s a teenager trapped in a 53-year-old’s body. One of the worst things is if I’m in a crowd and he’s anywhere nearby, he will scream at the top of his lungs my least favorite nicknames. And they’re really embarrassing!”

12. They truly love their dad

These three are super-adorable.

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The Lowe Files premieres Wednesday, Aug. 2 on A&E.

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