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The Internet Isn’t OK With Pretty Little Liars‘ Series Finale

Well, here we are: Pretty Little Liars has ended after seven seasons. Finally! Sweet freedom! Not so fast.

The series finale of PLL was a doozy to be sure. One of the biggest plotlines was in fact answered. We finally found out the true identity of A.D.

Spoilers ahead.

It turns out that A.D. stands for Alex Drake, Spencer’s evil twin. This was a very popular fan theory in the weeks leading up to the finale, so it felt like a sweet victory to have one of the many theories floating around in cyberspace confirmed. Considering there were lots of theories about how this show would end, it’s nice to be able to tick one off the list.

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It would also appear that there was a lot of room left for happy endings for the Liars of Rosewood. Aria and Ezra got married and announced their intention to adopt since Aria can’t have kids. Emily and Alison settled into domestic bliss with their twins, who were fathered by Wren (who died in the finale) through A.D.’s sadistic impregnation methods on Alison. Spencer and Toby ended up together. And Hanna, who married in a previous episode, announced she was pregnant. This should have been a clean wrap-up, right?

It looks like fans are left with more questions than they began with as the series finale unfolded. Nowhere was that dissatisfaction, confusion, annoyance and even celebration about the series finale more evident than Twitter. Fans did not hold back on letting all their feelings be known, and some hilariously and accurately pointed out major plot holes, annoying moments and outright rejections of PLL‘s tantalizing reveal of a new set of Liars (which some read as the show trying to open the door for a spinoff).

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Check out some of the most hilarious fan reactions: 

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And there you have it. Just a taste of the confusion and semi-annoyed feelings that the finale left many fans with. Are you just as pissed? Or satisfied with the ending?

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