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Chris Harrison Is All Smiles (& Beers) in Paradise

The dust still hasn’t even settled after allegations of sexual misconduct and a production shutdown rocked the set of Bachelor in Paradise‘s current season.

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Yet filming has gone on, Warner Bros. has released an airy statement about how nothing bad happened, you guys, really, and Chris Harrison is cheersing a beer on the beach as if everything is fine.

Seriously, Harrison posted a photo of himself raising a drink on the beach at Playa Escondida with Jorge the bartender and hashtagged it “#AlmostParadise,” as if paradise is being totally chill about the fact that your show was shut down due to fucking rape allegations.

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Is this Bizarro World? Why isn’t anyone taking issue with this?

Can I just take this moment to remind everyone that Corinne Olympios has publicly stated that she does not remember what happened on the night of the alleged misconduct, has referred to herself as a “victim” and has hired a lawyer to represent her as she pursues her own investigation into the events of that night? And (I cannot believe that in 2017 this still needs to be said), if a woman is too drunk to remember an entire evening, she. Was. Too. Drunk. To. Consent. To. Sex. That’s it. That’s the whole story.

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And because I know this is a real sticking point to those asshole proponents of rape culture out there: Multiple studies have found that rape is not falsely reported at instances any higher than any other crime. Believe victims. Believe Olympios. Shut down BIP until we have some real answers and we know the women on the show are safe.

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