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Jennifer Lawrence Calls Paparazzo a ‘F***ing Loser’ After Inappropriate Run-In

I have a pretty high tolerance for people doing asshole things. Call me names. Get in my face. It’s all fine. I’m not gonna let it bug me. You touch my dog, though, and you’re done. Jennifer Lawrence and I clearly have that last trait in common.

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In a new video obtained by TMZ, Lawrence is minding her own business, keeping her head down, eyes pointed at the ground, ignoring questions from the paparazzi gathered outside the airport she’s exiting. She’s about to get in her car without having even acknowledged their existence… until one of them tries to touch her dog.


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The video will make every devoted dog mom say, “YAS QUEEN” to Lawrence, who snatches up her dog and tells the offending pap, “Don’t touch my dog, you fucking loser” — and he deserves it. Because you do not touch anyone’s dog without the dog owner’s permission. That’s a thing. We live in a polite society with rules, people.

This isn’t the first time Lawrence has gone toe-to-toe with reporters — remember the time she humiliated one for using his phone at an event? You know, the piece of technology that reporters use to communicate, take notes, shoot photos and videos — to do just about every aspect of their jobs? That time, Lawrence was being rude AF. This time, she’s so totally in the right.

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Don’t touch someone else’s dog without asking. Just don’t do it.

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