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The World Wants to Fight The Bachelorette‘s Lee… Like, a Lot

The Bachelorette has found its Season 13 villain in Lee. But this isn’t a Corinne situation where you love to hate her, but you also kinda love to love her. There is no redeeming quality about this guy.

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In fact, Lee might be the most hated villain the show has ever seen. People want to give him a serious piece of their mind, and it’s kinda scary.

I would not want to be his Twitter feed right now.

While I’m not interested in defending Lee even a little bit because… #obviously, I also don’t think Kenny handled the situation in the right way either. Why did he feel the need to keep having these “talks” with Lee? Just ignore him. Act like he doesn’t exist. Because Kenny is just playing right into Lee’s hand by continuing the drama. Lee is lying to get a rise out of Kenny, and it’s working.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Rachel sends both of these guys packing. She’s not interested in the drama. We saw that very clearly in the whole Waboom situation, and I think we’ll see it again at the end of this two-on-one.

Get it, Lawyer Rach. Because you know she’s going to get to the bottom of the situation between these two men. She is not stupid, and these guys aren’t too smart for bringing pettiness into Rachel’s search for love.

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