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8 Memes We’ll Never Get Tired of Sharing

There are certain memes that just never get old. These gems get used again and again, and the 15th time you send them is just as hilarious as the first.

These are the top 10 memes we just can’t stop sharing right now.


The Donald has threatened to take away so much from this country — women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ freedoms, peace and even health care — but he has given us some glorious memes. That’s something, right?

At 5 a.m. on May 31, Donald Trump posted what seemed to be a half-finished, typo-riddled, now-deleted tweet that said, in its entirety, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

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No one knew what it meant, and it initially stayed up uncorrected for hours.

Twitter, predictably, had a field day.

But the best use of the covfefe meme was by our kween Hillary Clinton, who tweeted this amazing response to Trump’s never-ending obsession with the election:


 2. Tiny Trump

These photo edits of a tiny Donald Trump are always too good not to share.

Tiny Trump is brilliant not only because of the absurdity of a tiny childlike figure being superimposed into intense government photo-ops, but also because Trump is so notoriously size-obsessed and thin-skinned that you just know these drive him insane.

3. Math lady

This meme is a favorite to pull out when responding to overcomplicated situations that you don’t even want to begin pondering because you know you’ll fall down a three-hour rabbit hole of overthinking.
The meme even went meta on itself, with one user using the math lady meme to explain the complex process of Googling random phrases to find the math lady meme. It’s meme-ception!

4. Confused Nick Young

Featuring a screenshot of NBA player Nick Young taken from an episode of Through the Lens, this meme is perfect for expressing abject bewilderment.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is even happening right now?” this is the meme to use.

5. Sad Kermit

So sad, so relatable. There are several iterations of this meme, but in each and every one, sad Kermit is all of us.
You are cute, do you hear me?!

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6. It’s gonna be May

Each May. Every May. This never, ever gets old. Taken from his 2000 hit single “It’s Gonna Be Me,” with ‘NSYNC, the signature line was delivered with a peculiar intonation, one that made it sound like Timberlake was saying “May” instead of “me.”

Thus, a meme was born.
It is established meme tradition to share Timberlake and his bold, ramen-haired proclamation every April 30. Do it. You’ll never regret it.

7. Marion Kelly

You might know her as the BBC interview kid or maybe you just recognize her by her trademark yellow cardigan and pink glasses. But the moment she strutted through the door and gloriously disrupted her father’s BBC interview, Marion Kelly became #LifeGoals for all of us, not to mention a fantastic meme.

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8. Wat lady

This magnificent woman personifies my reaction to every bizarre client request, every butt joke my daughter tells and every dude on Tinder who thinks it’s a compliment to tell me I’m “hot… for a mom’.

That’s right, all of that, summed up in one glorious picture. One perfect reaction:
It’s honestly good for everything, no explanation required.

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