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Kelly Osbourne Peed Herself After Being Rejected From Starbucks

We’ve all been there. You gotta go, and there’s no nearby public restroom to be found. What do you do? Hold it ’til you get home?

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If you’re Kelly Osbourne, you just pee in your pants in the street during the New York City Pride Parade and then shame Starbucks for it on Twitter.

“SHAME on U @Starbucks #PissedMyOwnPants in this location because UR shameful employees refused to let me use the [toilet emoji],” Osbourne wrote alongside of a photo of the offending Starbucks where she allegedly asked to use the restroom and was turned away.

She added, “I have piss in my shoe.”

The internet is rallying around Osbourne in the replies to her tweet, using her hashtag to share their own public potty accident stories, because apparently peeing their pants is something adults do more regularly than any of us could have imagined. “[Y]asss i love this hash tag i #PissedMyOwnPants outside a Starbucks yesterday! one Twitter user wrote.

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The plot twist in this situation is that the particular Starbucks Osbourne went to is so small it doesn’t even have a restroom, and the company is claiming Starbucks employees directed Osbourne to try another location.

“We are working to follow up with Ms. Osbourne to clarify any confusion,” a Starbucks spokesperson wrote Marie Claire in a statement. “There simply is no restroom in this store, and inquiring customers are typically directed to a store a few blocks away. We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding and hope to welcome Ms. Osbourne back for a beverage on us very soon!”

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Clearly there just wasn’t time to get to that other Starbucks. But if you’re going to pee your pants in public, the best-case scenario is probably getting a free coffee out of it.

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