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Susan Boyle Is Being Targeted by a Violent Youth Gang

A roving gang of children is wreaking havoc in Scotland, and among their victims is Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle.

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It sounds like a joke, right? But according to a report from The Mirror, the group of up to 15 kids, mostly boys, has been assaulting and intimidating neighbors, and the abuse has been so bad that some of the victims have gone to the police. Why that hasn’t stopped the kids from continuing to harass adults is beyond us, because the things they’re doing sound horrible.

“We were inside the bus and they were throwing stones, screaming and shouting things,” one neighbor told The Mirror. She added she witnessed the kids approach Boyle as she was leaving a local shopping center and hurl profanity at her. “It’s horrendous,” the woman said.

A report also details an incident during which the gang surrounded Boyle, lit a piece of paper on fire and threw it at her face.

Other victims have had racist remarks shouted at them or been physically attacked by the kids.

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“While I was waiting at the bus they lobbed a glass bottle at my head,” Boyle’s neighbor told The Mirror. “Luckily, it missed — it would have been painful if it had hit me. I’ve called the police 15 times. I’ve had to speak to victim support. I’ve had to call helplines because I’ve felt suicidal.”

She continued, “They’re known to the community. They set the children’s park on fire, they put fireworks through someone’s door, they threw eggs at a girl’s window. They pick on the most vulnerable people. If there is more than one person they wont do it, because they are too scared. It’s old people, children, mentally ill people. It’s really disgusting.”

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Here’s hoping something is done to curb those kids’ behavior. Can someone just send this to their parents?

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