Dascha Polanco Serves a Fierce Look for the BET Awards

Actress Dascha Polanco of Orange Is the New Black showed off her gorgeous curves in a gorgeous white pantsuit on the gorgeous red carpet for tonight’s BET Awards. The hot suit hugs every perfect curve of her bod, from those wide-legged pants that hug her waist to the deep V-cut of her closed top. Polanco paired it with champagne-colored heels and silver jewelry, and that ruffle.

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Dascha Polanco's BET Outfit
Image: Getty

Let’s talk about that ruffle. That ruffle is what brings the outfit together. A white pantsuit is great, and not everyone can pull it off like this Dominican-American beauty, but this ‘fit beats the rest with that ruffle. It’s a perfect accent for the otherwise chic but plain outfit.

Twitter also thinks this outfit is nothing but perfect.

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The actress is attending the BET Awards for the first time and certainly made an impression with the silky-textured creamy white tuxedo-fashioned outfit. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a regular old gown, and many of the award show attendees are rocking that classic red carpet look, but this brave statement piece means business.

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Honestly, Polanco now has competition with herself for her next red carpet look, seeing as this one has gotten so much attention and lots of love. The actress hasn’t spoken about her look yet, but the rest of the internet has certainly made its impression known.


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