Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Attended Toronto’s Pride March In the Best Way

Happy Pride, everybody! But mostly Justin Trudeau, who marched in Toronto’s Pride Parade today and stole the show. The Canadian prime minister and his wife, Sophie Grégorie Trudeau, walked along the route and waved through the procession, yelling “Happy Pride!” here and there. The two were casually dressed, with Trudeau wearing a blue blazer and pink shirt and a temporary tattoo of a rainbow maple leaf plastered on his cheek.

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“It’s all about how we celebrate the multiple layers of identities that make Canada extraordinary and strong,” said Trudeau before the parade began. Despite the controversy that arose at the parade — Toronto’s city police floats were excluded from it — the day was a joyous one for the city and the country, and it led to some truly adorable moments from the happy-go-lucky prime minister.

Like this picture of Trudeau high-fiving a little girl dressed as Wonder Woman, where you can also see that he is, of course, wearing rainbow socks:

Then he did an interview with that cute little leaf on his face like it was no big thing:

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When he hugged this stranger wearing a dress with Trudeau’s face on it:

And finally, when he posted these pictures after a long day of celebrating love:

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Before the parade, Trudeau attended a church service led by famous pastor and prominent gay activist Brent Hawks. “Inclusion is the core value in our community,” Hawks said, “and as long as a group or a company supports LGBT equality, then in my opinion, welcome aboard.” He mostly spoke on the topic of dress code, adding that just “because I probably wear a uniform that has done the most damage to the LGBT community — the Christian Church — I would say don’t ban what’s offensive to some, reform it to the benefit of everyone.”

Trudeau marched the entire rainbow-colored route after that, waving and smiling along the way.


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