Ellen DeGeneres Gently Roasted One Audience Member

Ellen DeGeneres is known for pulling pranks and placing hidden cameras around her studio to catch celebrities off guard. This time around, she turned the cameras on her audience and it was a bit awkward.

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DeGeneres decided to kick off her 14th season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show by giving her audience members a gift. They were allowed to pick the gift of their choice, but the sign clearly stated, “Please pick 1 item to commemorate your visit. Only 1 per person, please.”

To see how honest her fans truly were, DeGeneres naturally set up a hidden camera to catch everyone in the act. Surprisingly, most fans followed the rules and only took one complimentary item.

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However, one audience member by the name of Nancy seriously got roasted by DeGeneres because she decided to help herself to a whole bunch of swag — and it was all caught on tape.

The truly embarrassing moment is when the TV cameras zoom into Nancy sitting in the audience. She’s mortified, but she takes DeGeneres’ funny, but cutting comments, well. Let’s get real though, she had to because she was totally busted.

“My sister couldn’t come, so that was her souvenir,” explained Nancy.

“Yeah, a lot of sisters couldn’t come,” shot back DeGeneres jokingly.

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As much as DeGeneres was kidding, you could feel a bit of an edge to the whole bit, especially as she taught her a lesson. It’s a life lesson that Nancy won’t forget any time soon.

“You’re the kind of person that, when you go trick-or-treating and nobody’s home, you don’t just take one piece of candy, you take the bowl.” she said. “Let that be a lesson to you. You think nobody’s watching you, and you just need to be a good person… You go sit in that Ellen jail right now.”

While Ellen jail might be funny, the whole world now knows that Nancy loves free stuff.


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