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Jennifer Lopez Accused of Photo-Editing Those Killer Abs

Is there really enough time in the day to be worried about whether Jennifer Lopez photo-edited her abs in an Instagram pic? Apparently, some J.Lo haters have all the time in the world.

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It all started on Thursday, when J.Lo posted a mirror selfie of her fit body in a crop top. Her abs were exposed and looking really amazing.

That’s when internet trolls started to come of the woodwork to complain about J.Lo altering the image and deceiving fans about her lean midsection.

Comments like “Photoshop detected!” and “Nice Photoshop girl!!! You also look good without it. Don’t be insecure” started rolling in on her Instagram account. Why do people even care to comment when they weren’t there to witness J.Lo uploading the photo in person? Is everyone suddenly a Photoshop expert?

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The big issue at hand for some commenters was the fact that a small section of J.Lo’s back looks like it is missing on the right-hand side. If you inspect the photo carefully, you will see that there is a large smudge on the mirror by her back, her forearm and to the right of her body.

Did people really think J.Lo was that bad at photo-editing that she would take out a chunk of her back? Come on, people!

Well, J.Lo wasn’t interested in anyone having the last word anyway. She clapped back at the accusations by making a rare move and commenting on the photo. “Omg… Just a smudge on the mirror… lol… not photoshop. #lordblessthehaters #gymrat #youshouldtryit #wishtherewasphotoshopforhaters,” wrote J.Lo in the photo’s comment thread.

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Boom! The haters should try a gym workout or two. While we don’t all have the financial means to hire a trainer, adopting a clean diet and taking a walk or two each week might do us and our abs a world of good. Just ask J.Lo.

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