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Kate Middleton Saved a Countess From Falling Out of a Carriage

If you already love Kate Middleton, get ready to love her even more after this candid moment on Tuesday at the Royal Ascot in England. It was one of those human moments that was spectacularly captured by the cameras.

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The Duchess of Cambridge was seated in a carriage when Countess Sophie of Wessex was attempting to climb in and join her. The countess was decked out in a green dress and wearing a geometric-shaped wicker hat.

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As she stepped into the vehicle, the countess fell off balance. Luckily, there was no major mishap, thanks to the hero who saved the day — the duchess herself. Middleton was captured by the paparazzi photos grasping her friend mid-fall while both women laughed at the spontaneous moment.

Everyone deserves a friend like the duchess, who will break your fall and laugh it off. Instead of being worried about possibly dirtying her white lace Alexander McQueen dress, Middleton took it all in stride.

The ladies, along with Prince William and the Earl of Wessex, rode in a parade together at the horse race, which has also become a huge fashion event. The men come in traditional tailcoats and top hats, but the women go all out with fascinators and other headpieces for Royal Ascot.

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This isn’t the first time cameras have caught the Duchess of Cambridge in a candid moment. In April, Middleton was seen smirking in the best way possible after her husband had water splashed in his face at the London Marathon. In prior years, the royal family might have reacted negatively, but with the duchess around, everyone just plays these moments off.

So, the truth is that the Duchess of Cambridge is a real-life superhero. If the cameras had caught a major fall on camera, it would be all over the press. Middleton did the countess a solid by breaking her fall and keeping the small accident exactly the way it should be — playful and just a passing moment in time.

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