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That One Time Margaret Cho Used a Toothbrush as a Vibrator

OK, ladies. Picture it. Maybe you’re on vacation; maybe you’re on a work trip. Either way, you’re far from home and you’re horny. So, when you’re miles from your favorite toys, what’s a girl supposed to do? If you’re Margaret Cho, you grab the closest Sonicare toothbrush and get busy.

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At #BlogHer17 in Orlando, Margaret Cho disclosed to the audience that she once resorted to using a Sonicare toothbrush as a vibrator in lieu of her favorite Hitachi Magic Wand. “I was in Europe, and I couldn’t plug in my Hitachi Magic Wand with the 6-foot cord — I didn’t bring a converter, and I didn’t want it to explode in my vagina. So, my toothbrush didn’t need a converter because it was wireless. It’s so clean down there!”

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Pretty genius, right? I mean. as long as you aren’t using the bristly side, it’s essentially a really compact and cordless vibrator.

Cho also added that it can be a great tool if you are a little too shy to venture into your local sex toy store. “If you’re embarrassed to go buy a vibrator and you don’t want to buy one online or whatever, the Sonicare tooth brush does an amazing job… So there’s options.” Watch the clip for yourself: 

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Cho shared the BlogHer stage with Dr. Logan Levkoff, a sex and relationship educator, and together, they had a strong message for the audience: Masturbation is normal and masturbation is necessary. Levkoff added, “The concept of masturbation is really often talked about, or at least until recently, as a very male thing.”

She could not be more right. At one point, the audience was asked to raise their hands if they frequently masturbate, and some hands hesitantly went up, but not many. Now, if that had been a mostly male audience, you know just about every hand in the room would have been in the air because most men don’t feel embarrassed to talk about their masturbation habits. So, ladies, let’s grab our toothbrushes, talk about how amazing (and necessary) masturbation is and start normalizing female pleasure.

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